Annual Bash First Timers

Xscapers Annual Bash 2020

We’d like to welcome you to your very first Annual Bash! Congratulations on your decision to attend an RV experience unlike any other. 

You’re in for an incredibly fun-filled week. With so many activities packed into the Bash, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But don’t worry, everyone has walked in your shoes before and you are not alone. Come ready to have lots of fun and enjoy the best RVing community around!

We’d like you to arrive well informed of what to expect so you’ll get the most out of your Annual Bash experience. 


What Should I Expect At Annual Bash

Annual Bash first started in Quartzsite, Arizona more than 4 years ago. While it started out with only a handful of rigs, the event has drastically grown over the years and has become Xscapers #1 Annual Convergence. We pull all the stops for this event and put as many social and educational activities on the schedule as possible.

The number one goal of this event, however, is to give attendees the ability to connect and build an RVing community on the road. Due to the activities and community, you will quickly find yourself socializing and making new friendships even if you may be a little introverted.  While you will not be forced to participate, you will find that the more activities you attend, the better your Annual Bash experience will be.

With that said, don’t be afraid to also take some time for yourself and recharge your social batteries. You will find that most Annual Bash and Convergence veterans will take a day or two slower in order to make the most of the activities they look forward.

You can read more tips for rallies in general in How to Survive an RV Rally.

"This Isn't Your Grandma's RV Rally"

While there is certainly no age limit to be an Xscaper or attend the Annual Bash, do know that this is a high energy event with several late nights. We call this a Bash for a reason. It has become “The” event for Xscapers members to reconnect every year with their fellow friends and RV nomads. We have a feeling this will be the same story for you come next year.

While we do have parking sections and quiet hours associated with most of these areas, do know that you will most likely hear the main gathering area late into the night from time to time. So if you are a light sleeper or go to bed early, you should be prepared. 

What Is the Parking Like?

Because this an RV event on private property, we are limited on space during the event. You can expect rally style parking where sites will generally be 25 x 50 ft for RVs over 25 ft and 25 x 25 ft for RVs 25 ft or less. Keep this in mind and remember to be respectful regarding generators and other activities.

We have limited the total number of tickets sales to help better accommodate a more comfortable setting as much as possible. So, get to know your neighborhood as it is likely you will become good friends during the event and will find yourself hanging out in the parking area with smaller groups when major activities are not taking place. 

Arrival Day & Registration

Detailed information of your arrival process will be sent prior to the event. However, generally speaking it sounds worse than it is. The Annual Bash volunteers are pros and we have a tried and true system that works!

However, there are some things that will make this process easier for everyone. Arrive with your black and gray tanks empty with a full tank of fresh water during the designated arrival times! If you would like to park with a friend, you must arrive together as spaces will not be held.

Once pulling into the Rodeo grounds, you will be quickly directed down the line of volunteers to your parking section via a window tag provided upon arrival. Once parked, proceed to the registration booth in the main gathering area to celebrate your arrival at Annual Bash! Here you will receive some swag along with all the information needed for the week.

Staying Notified

Leading up to and during the event, we will communicate with you several ways in order to keep everyone updated. Emails, mobile app, phone notifications, Facebook group, and printouts will all be used prior/during this event.

There are sometimes unexpected scheduling changes due to weather and other situations, so please keep yourself updated and check for information posted in these resources. Don’t let yourself miss out on the fun!

Making The Most Of Annual Bash

We highly encourage participation in all of our fun activities throughout the week! You will find it is much more fun to be involved! There will be 3 themed nights, so get your outfits now and plan to wear them on the appropriate night.
The very first night is 80s prom, so come to our kickoff celebration in your 80s prom outfit. Monday is tiki night, let’s pretend we are in Hawaii! The last night is one you don’t want to miss! It’s neon night and the brighter, more colorful, more LEDs, the better.
There are a few food activities/competitions, and here’s what you can expect from each of them!
  • Sunday Funday/Bloody Mary Bar: we will provide the tomato juice, you bring the vodka for yourself and a Bloody Mary garnish to share. Garnishes can be celery, crispy bacon strips, shrimp, fruit, veggies—anything goes so get creative!
  • Margarita Throwdown: make a pitcher of margaritas to share. Make something special and plan on including a description of some sort to describe what makes your Marg the best. We will pour up tastes and everybody will get to vote on the best!
  • Mac & Cheese Fest : make a dish of an elaborate type of everyone’s favorite gooey treat. Again, elaborate wins prizes!
  • Guacamole Throwdown : make a bowl of guacamole to share! Xscapers will provide the chips, you provide the dip!

Welcome Home!

Xscapers and its community is always welcoming! We do not tolerate judgement of any kind regarding race, gender, sexual orientation, handicaps, disabilities, religion, or political views. We are all here as RVers which is the only thing that matters!

During this event you will often notice small groups of people hanging out or sitting around in a circle. Regardless if this takes place at one of the main gathering areas or outside of an RV in one of the parking section, you are always invited. We do not allow private parties or hangouts in any public space during this event. This is your home and we ask that the welcome mat always remain out.

What About the Kids?

Annual Bash isn’t just for adults anymore. We know that a lot of working-aged RVers also have kids, and Xscapers loves kids! This year we are expecting about 100 kids at Annual Bash, so there will be plenty of opportunities for the little ones to socialize as well.

We will have daily activities for kids of all ages, and a special parking section for families with a central play area. There will be lots of opportunities for parents to organize games and fun events for kids, so start thinking about fun ideas now!

Parents, please know that the Rodeo Grounds is a fairly large facility and with nearly 800 attendees, can become quite busy. Please keep an eye on your children during the event and take note that there will be alcohol and inappropriate language during the event, especially the later into the evening it gets. This is one reason why we have created kid activities this year along with a safe place for them to hangout.

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