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Xscapers Profiles: Joel & Amy 1

Xscapers Profiles: Joel & Amy

Who is with you?  Joel and Amy plus Maxwell our 9 yr old cat #maxthervcat How long have you been...

Xscapers Profiles: Joel & Amy 8

Xscapers Profiles: Deas & Jen

Who is Traveling With You? Me, my husband Deas, and our dogs Jake and Finn. How Long Have You Been...

Renting Your Car is one of several unusual ways to earn income

Unusual Freelance Jobs

Freelancing is a phenomenal way to laser-focus on your craft, but sometimes we all need extra work, whether in between...

Woman interviews with panel via video for dream RV job.

Market Yourself & Land Your Dream RV Job

“Land Your Dream RV Job” was originally published on RVerJobExchange.com. There are pros and cons of remote work going mainstream....

Some remote workers struggle with learning to stop punching the clock

6 Methods to Move Away from “Punching the Clock”

6 Methods to Move Away from Punching the Clock was originally published on RVerJobExchange.com.  Who’s still punching the clock 9...

Monticello House tour free adventures

3 Key Tips for Finding Free Adventures

This article originally appeared in the January/February 2020 issue of Escapees magazine. RV Travel allows you to see and do...

Two members of Xscapers sit at a table holding hands and smiling at camera, with wine glasses nearby.

Xscapers Profiles: Tina & Robert

Who is with you? We are Robert Fruth and Tina LJ McGee, known each other for 35 years and married...

Fremont Street Las Vegas, great for party RVers

Top 4 Cities for Party RVers- Urban Adventures for RVers

Boondocking is amazing. I love the desert sunsets and finding great places to listen to nature and hike and explore. ...

Xscapers Profiles: Joel & Amy 28

Missing My Misfits- Finding My Community in Xscapers

The Coronavirus has kept me closer to home this year, so adventures I had previously planned for Botswana and Malawi are on hold. I used November for a different kind of adventure. Two of them, actually. This is my first night alone after camping with misfits for a full month.

Xscapers Profiles: Joel & Amy 29

Xscapers Profiles: Bert and Lupe

Who is Traveling With You? Albert Edward Minten Jr. (Bert) & Lupe Alvarez How Long Have You Been On The...