Xscapers Profiles: Denny and Veronica

Xscapers Profiles: Denny and Veronica 7

Who is Traveling With You?

Mango and Kali! Our sweet awesome adventure cats and furry kids, we couldn’t imagine our nomad life without them. So far so good 😉 #MangoandKali 

How Long Have You Been On The Road?

We first took off on our RV adventure back in November of 2013, so that will make it 7 years! 

Are You Part Time or Full Time?

We have been living and remotely working fulltime this whole time, until now… COVID is making us get creative. We are going to slow down a bit and enjoy an area while working on a project at the same time, keeping the quality of life and outdoor balance we need! 

What Kind of RV Do You Have?

Xscapers Profiles: Denny and Veronica 8

We now have a 19’ Promaster Roadtrek Simplicity that we have added our customizations to. We recently, one year ago downsized from a 37’ Class A Toyhauler to vanlife and have not looked back since! 

What Got You Interested In Living The RV Life?

Being able to work remotely from home gave us the idea to explore new possibilities. Since we didn’t need to stay in one place, why not take work on the road and enjoy beautiful places while following the nice temps? 

How Do You Fund Your Travels?

We’re very grateful to have been able to keep our 9-5 corporate jobs since we started RV life as a Web designer and in technology sales. As long as we have adequate LTE we can stay. 🙂 

What is Your Camping Style?

Our camping style has overall stayed the same over the years. It includes a mix balancing work weeks and adventure weekends. We have been mainly dabbling in economy stays for the long run and keeping up with showers 😉 We use Thousand trails, State/County Parks, and Boondocking adventures on the weekends (from Jeep days to Van stealthing) but mainly a mix that keeps it comfy and on the cheap. We also prefer places where our kitties can roam free! 

What Do You Seek Out When Traveling?

Xscapers Profiles: Denny and Veronica 9

It all depends on where we are- is there a National Park close by? What does the area have to offer and need to see? We mainly look for nature and need to get our cool small town fix. Good food and brewery finds are always a plus! There are plenty of hidden gems to explore and if you’re an old mining town or small town without stop lights, then you have piqued our interest. 

What Has Been Your Favorite Experience So Far?

Our travels to Baja last winter were definitely a highlight. There was something about driving your rig to Cabo San Lucas and parking at the tip that created a pretty exhilarating moment; we realized we can push limits to explore and go further on our own. Two others would have to be the [Albuqurque] Balloon Fiesta and the solar eclipse that we shared at an Xscapers convergence and which gave us lasting memories. 

What Has Been The Hardest Aspect For You While Traveling?

Well now it’s definitely COVID, but other than that I don’t have many negatives, other than balancing East coast vs West coast while seeing our families. 

How Many Xscapers Convergences Have You Attended?


Are You Introverted or Extroverted?

Veronica- “It depends… is there drinking or dancing involved? Otherwise an introvert ;)”

Denny- probably an extrovert but I do enjoy my quiet quality mornings otherwise I am game for most anything.

Tell Us Something Weird or Fun About Yourselves.

Veronica- see above! Also, I like Karaoke but only get the courage to do 2 or 3 songs I know 😀 (and are way too played out now!)

Denny- I never lived outside of Michigan until I met Veronica then everything leveled up. The end. :). 

Would You Rather Deal With A Leaky Sewer Hose or a Flat Tire on the RV?

Definitely a leaky sewer pipe, easier fix and a nothing a good quick shower can’t fix. 

Do You Have Any Advice For Others / What is the Best Piece of Advice You've Received?

Set a launch date on paper. Plan for it and execute. Once you put it down and start letting people know the more it just starts to fall into place. 

Where Can People Find You Online If They Want To Follow Your Travels?

Instagram @RVoutlawz

And outdated website RVoutlawz.com 


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