Top 6 Mobile Business Ideas for RVers

Top 6 Mobile Business Ideas for RVers 1

Are you interested in running a small business from your RV?

Do you dream of hitting the road or going farther with freedom unmatched by location dependent jobs and career choices?

You’re in luck!

Today I want to address the topic of RV small business ideas for RVers who want the freedom to earn on the go. It’s true that many RVers have dreams of opening up their travels by starting a small mobile business they can run as they explore. And those who haven’t started RVing for one reason or another, they also dream about location independent small businesses that will allow for them to hit the road on an ultimate RV road trip sooner rather than later.

There are many careers that will fill this void for both and offer more travel, less structure and ultimately more freedom to explore when and where you please. Let’s talk about the top 6 mobile business ideas for RVers!

Top 6 Mobile Business Ideas for RVers:

  1. Mobile RV Technician:
    Who doesn’t appreciate the handy dandy mobile RV technician that helps them fix something that’s broken on their RV? I know I do! They help you out when you’re in a jam and make you feel great about finding someone you can trust, who is usually another RVer, instead of heading into the dealership for long waits and high prices!
    If you’re great with fixing things and are mechanically inclined, a new business as a mobile RV technician is the best way to go! The need is big and there’s always work right around the corner… or campsite. Mobile RV technicians can fix most of the problems that commonly  occur with RVs without the need for special equipment. These  can include, broken water heaters, minor electrical issues, RV refrigerator problems, clogged vents, drains, and so much more!
    Just make sure to get some basic training on how the RV systems work, learn how to actually fix them, then grab some useful tools, and drop a few business cards at the ranger station to get started quick, fast and in a hurry!
  2. Virtual Assistant:
    With an easy entry point, starting a virtual assistant business is a great choice for RVers with administrative and secretarial skill sets. Essentially you will be working as the ‘office’ staff for a variety of businesses and entrepreneurs, doing important but often non-essential tasks like answering support emails, setting up invoices for client payments, cold calling new leads, scheduling blog posts and social media content, as well as writing email campaigns and web copy.
    Virtual Assistants can be a real lifesaver for savvy solopreneurs and small teams! The ability to work off site and handle the small tasks that essentially eat up the owner’s precious time is invaluable! Playing this vital role well will set your new mobile business up for success as a key asset.
  3. Copywriter:
    Basically, writing the words people read on printed or online resources, a copywriter can be an indispensable tool for businesses both big and small. Not to be confused with copyrighting, where you ensure protection against the theft of intellectual property, copywriting is the art of words. Copywriters write with the intent of pushing people to take action.
    And since no formal training or education is required, anyone can be a copywriter at any age and any stage in life. It’s the perfect portable business that RVers who have the skill to write like they speak, can thrive in for years to come!
  4. Freelance Web Design:
    Designing beautiful websites for small businesses, entrepreneurs and large businesses is a daily activity for freelance web designers. Setting your own prices, your own hours, deliverables, and web platforms are all perks of the trade.
    As a freelance web designer, you will be creating the storefront for businesses who want to embrace the massive reach of the world wide web. Crafting everything from small 5-page websites with basic structure to mega membership sites with full-scale directories and internal forums, can all be successful projects of your new mobile business!
  5. Video Production:
    If you love to see the world from behind a camera, video production might be your calling! Consider starting a mobile video production company, possibly even serving the RV community! Of course you’ll need to make sure you’re RV is setup to safely transport your video equipment as you travel the country, and that once you’ve arrived in the general vicinity, you have a way to get around to see your clients and take advantage of the beautiful surroundings.
    If you’re interested in niching down, you can focus your business around a specific type of video production such as documentaries, travel montages, promotional videos for businesses or campgrounds, special events, travel diaries and so much more! With video production your options are wide open, as almost every industry, business, and individual could use your services at some point.
  6. Artist:
    If you’re the creative type and you love to create fun projects with your hands, then creating and selling your wares at local arts and craft fairs might be the best mobile business solution to give a try! It always feels amazing to create projects, both big and small, and profit from the sale of each one to a local buyer.
    I personally tried this style of mobile RV businesses and to be honest, I loved every moment! Setting up the booth each weekend in the downtown streets of random cities, where both tourist and locals would flood the streets in search of the best of the best, was always a good time!
    So, if you enjoy having your weekdays free to do as you please, and work on the weekends selling the goodies you’ve created, this is a great opportunity!  

Top 6 Mobile Business Ideas for RVers Conclusion

So there you have it, My Top 6 Mobile Business Ideas for RVers!

I really hope you enjoyed this post and the information has helped to spark an idea of what type of mobile RV business you might be interested in starting! The options are truly endless, and this list was just my top 6.

If you’re looking for a full a list of 69 mobile business ideas for RVers head on over to Live Camp Work, where I recently published a blog called 69 Mobile Business Ideas For RVers

It’s a MEGA Brain Dump that you’ve just gotta check out and let me know what you think!

Safe Travels & Many Adventures!

Top 6 Mobile Business Ideas for RVers 2


Sharee Collier

Sharee Collier is the founder of www.LiveCampWork.coman online website delivering information and resources on jobs for RVers and making money while you travel. She’s the author of the best-selling book, Live Camp Work: Make Money & RV Full-time, the host of the Live Camp Work Podcast, and a full-time RV traveler with her husband and 4 kids.

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Top 6 Mobile Business Ideas for RVers 3

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  • Sharee Collier
    Stefani Capizzi
    4 years ago

    Thank you! I’m a new RVer and need to sustain this lifestyle that I have fallen in love with already. I so appreciate your ideas.

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