My Top Three Workamping Tools

As administrator of the We Love Workamping Facebook Group, I see all sorts of questions from new Workampers and lots of helpful tips shared by others. The Files tab there lists docs with many helpful workamping resources, but a recent discussion got me thinking about the best tools I’ve used for my workamping jobs over the years.

eating weeds

What are the Best Workamping Tools?

I’ve used everything from weed-eaters to websites when it comes to workamping. A comfortable pair of work shoes is a must, but there are three things I’ve used the most as a happy workamper.

Best Ranch Workamping Gloves

1. Get a good pair of work gloves.

My Top Three Workamping Tools 3A durable pair of work gloves is a must for maintenance and other outdoor workamping duties—especially fencing and other ranch work.

I’ve gone through my fair share of gloves workamping at Vickers Ranch. That is where I learned that elk skin work gloves are the best. Sure, they may turn your hands yellow at first, but they are the most comfortable—and most durable, compared to all other gloves.

Leatherman Wave

2. Y’all gotta get a Leatherman.

Leatherman WaveNot just any old multi-tool will do. I learned my first year at Vickers Ranch that every good workamper carries a Leatherman. I learned that the day they bought me one, my first week on the job. I must have used it every day that summer, and for a few summers to follow.

A couple years back, I got a new Leatherman Wave, and as you can see it is well used. In fact, I don’t leave home without it on my belt.

I like the Wave because you can easily access the blades without opening the pliers. And it has come in very handy on many an occasion—at my workamping jobs, while working on the rig, or for fixing the hose bibb with a broken handle at a recent RV site.   

Workamper Resume

3. Subscribe to Workamper News, and go for the Gold!

Workamper ManualWorkamper News offers all sorts of free resources, but the best tool for finding workamping jobs is a Gold Level membership.

As Workamper Gold members, we have access to workamper employer reviews, training tools and much more. We have the option of listing Situations Wanted ads, and our Awesome Applicants Resume online at has even gotten us a few unexpected job offers from employers over the years.

Workamper News Archives

Workamper Gold members receive the print magazine too. We choose the “Go Green” option to save a few bucks though, since we do everything online anyway. But being able to search the archives is a big plus, which allows subscribers to find past employers in specific areas they want to visit.

What is your favorite workamping tool?

My favorite tools have always been heavy equipment, like the excavator I operated while helping to expand Vickers Lake. But I have put these three simple tools to the most use when it comes to finding workamping jobs, and getting the job done.

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