Step Into our RV Kitchen for a Tour while we Prep Dinner

Step Into our RV Kitchen for a Tour while we Prep Dinner 3We’ve had several requests to do a ‘RV Cooking Show’. We’ve been hesitate to share about our cooking – while we can occasionally make a tasty meal, we really don’t consider ourselves chefs or foodies. What could we possibly impart upon others? The other evening we were already planning to make chicken fajitas, one of our more elaborate meals we make in our kitchen. What the heck – we turned on the camera and started broadcasting via Facebook Live  (something we’re doing more and more often when we have time & bandwidth). It was SUPER fun! It was like having friends over for dinner – except, we can’t teleport the end results to them. In the course of bringing our virtual friends into our kitchen, we ended up sharing so many little tidbits about everyday life in an RV that we really never even think about. Like, where we store our paper towers and

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