The Florida RV SuperShow & Self-Driving RVs?!?

The Florida RV SuperShow & Self-Driving RVs?!? 1We’ve been in Florida during winters before when the big Florida RV SuperShow happens in Tampa. Being averse to crowds,  we had never made attending a priority. I honestly hadn’t really even looked at the dates to realize we’d be in the area until an e-mail showed up that basically said: Would you like to ride-along in a self driving RV at the Florida RV SuperShow next week? Well, that got our attention! Let’s not go all alternate facts here – the words ‘self-driving’ where in the e-mail from Spartan Motors, but it was in context of their new APS (Advanced Protection System) being a major step towards self-driving RVs. The new (to RVs) technology is debuting in the 2017 models of Newmar and Entegra. And we were being invited to ride-along in the first public demonstration. The dates lined up perfectly to file in a hole in our ‘snag a cancellation’

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