The RAD new look for Xscapers

Introducing the New Xscapers Logo

A New Logo to Reflect the Festive, Youthful Energy of Xscaperz!

Our new Xscaperz logo is meant to embody the festive, youthful attitude of Xscaperz and help new attendees feel welcomed to the group.

As we worked through this process we wanted to remove the more traditional design elements and make this new version of the logo something completely unique, just like Xscaperz.

We feel this new design is spot on for what we were hoping to create and we can’t thank Brandon Hatcher, our Brand Director, enough for all the hard work that was put into its design. We hope you all enjoy this new look as much as we do!

The RAD new look for Xscapers 1
Our new Marketing and Brand Directors!
Xscapers Group Shot - April Fools
New Xscapers Logo - April Fools

Why the Change?

When Xscapers launched just 4 years ago, an old unused logo was quickly re-purposed. It has served us well. But recently, it was brought to our attention that the X with a compass arrow was the official logo of the Escapees Cross-Stitching BOF. 

Unfortunately, we must return the logo to them. We are very sorry for those of you that now have a tattoo of the old Xscapers logo, but maybe you can take up cross-stitch and join the BOF so it won’t be a total waste. 

The RAD new look for Xscapers 2
Escapees Cross-Stitch BOF - April Fools

Watch for the New Xscapers Bus to Show up at Grocery Stores Nationwide!

We’ll be on the road with our new Xscaperz bus to spread the word about the club. Watch for us coming to a neighborhood near you!

Xscapers Bus - April Fools
Xscapers April Fools-08

We Are Not That Lame!

Hopefully, you have more faith in us to than that and surely you agree that it would be ridiculous to make such a change! I think we can all safely assume that no one would actually like this “new logo”. 

The Xscapers “X” has become an iconic part of the community and one that is here to stay. The design itself not only gives a sense of travel and wanderlust for a younger demographic, it also represents the crossing of roads, which is the heart and soul of the Xscapers and its purpose. Plus, we think it just looks badass!

Time For More Tattoos! No Seriously...

What once started as a joke has now become no laughing matter. On March 8, 2015 in celebration of the launch and our emotional tie with creating Xscapers, we went to a local tattoo shop in Tucson to get the logo put into ink. The tattoo represents a combination of our joy, dedication, accomplishment and pride in a group we could call our own. While we had high expectations that this new group within Escapees RV Club would answer the need for community among the next generation of RVers, we had no idea how deep the impact would be. Nor did we expect that our tattoos would lead to any significance beyond ourselves. 

However, that was all to change. Over the years during conversations with other Xscapers, we would make comments that anyone who tattooed the X logo would get a free lifetime membership in appreciation of their dedication to the club. In all honesty, we didn’t have any expectations that anyone would take us up on this sarcastic remark.

Thinking it would take years for us to reach the 10 person limit, we once again underestimated Xscapers and the power of its community. To date, fourteen Xscapers have made the plunge and tattooed the X, four of which already had lifetime memberships!

This tells us something very important about this community. First, you guys are crazy! Secondly, the fact that Xscapers has impacted community member’s lives enough to make it permanent, not only justifies the all the hard work put into building this community, it shows that Xscapers is so much more than just a collection of services. It’s a way of life and a bond between like-minded nomads! 

Another 10 Tattoo Lifetime Memberships

The conversation has once again become a common question among the community after this year’s Annual Bash. Wondering when/if we were going to open up more Tattoo Lifetime Memberships. Well, the answer is yes and they are now open!

Rules & Guidelines:

Please contact or prior to getting the tattoo to ensure there are still spots available. You must get the tattoo within 1 week of contacting us to keep your spot secured. Lifetime memberships will be limited to the first 10 to get a tattoo and current Lifetime members will not be refunded membership for getting the tattoo.

  1. You must contact us first to save your spot
  2. Logo must be unmodified
  3. Two inches in diameter and in full color
  4. In visible location when in shorts or t-shirt
  5. Send photo proof of tattoo

The REAL Xscapers X logo

You can send these to your tattoo artist for reference when planning your Xscapers tattoo!

Xscapers X Tattoo Logo Color
Xscapers X Tattoo Logo Outlines

Join our Tattoo Family!

There is a special bond in the community for those with the tattoo and we hope to see some of you join us!

Check out the stories and reasons why these 10 Xscapers got the tattoo! 

The RAD new look for Xscapers 3
Who's Next?

8 Responses to “The RAD new look for Xscapers

  • Even though you say no one would like this new logo, I do! LOL But glad the old one is still the one! 🙂

  • Awesome Logo Guys, Welcome to 1980! Lol

  • The “new” logo matches mine and Kelly’s neon outfits rather nicely! LOL!

  • Oh boy, I’m a new member, and you had me scared for a minute! All I could think of was ‘dear lord this looks like a cheesy Mexican restaurant logo, who is their branding person?!’ ? Ya got me!

  • Where can I get the bumper sticker for the new logo 🙂 Pretty festive. Need a margarita to go with. No really I like it too. LOL

  • OMG you totally got me too. I was shaking my head as I was reading this saying no no no no no. Who could’ve possibly ok’d this? Great prank!

  • You got me going too??? Thought you had lost your minds then realized I had lost mine??? Sucked right in!!!

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