David & Francesca

David & Francesca 7

Age: 30/28

Travels: Fulltime

Traveling Since: June 2014 2015

Business Name: Explore Everything

Website/Blog: www.youtube.com

Occupation: Video Game Developers and Explorers

Here is Their Story

The Income

We are David & Francesca (AKA Explore Everything). We are without borders, we are friends to all. We travel, explore, create and collaborate.

We develop video games as well as other tech-related ventures so we’ve been working from home together for quite some time. As long as we have an internet connection we are good to go!

We use Social Media and other marketing tools to reach existing and upcoming clients.

We also want to start using the RV as a promotional tool and to carry merchandise and products to and from conferences and conventions.

Getting on the Road

We’ve been doing video game development now for two decades and it was always remote-based work. So the transition from working in a home to a home on wheels was minimal for our specific situation in that regard, but still a learning curve in many others!

The Fears

Our biggest fear is that we will have some sort of major outage that our on call technician will not be able to handle and we will be forced to head back. So far, so good.

The Awesome Side

Our favorite aspect is having a new living room every where we go. Stepping out the door, looking out that big windshield and soaking in nature’s finest! We are finally running our business instead of “it” running us.

David & Francesca 8


For us the biggest challenge has been letting go of the heavy work schedule we were used to and embrace the fact that it’s acceptable to have fun once in a while. We are really working hard at “learning to breath” and yet not feel that weight over us that a single phone call could bring it all to a halt

For the Aspiring

Learn as much as possible from the people that have innovated it and pioneered it. They encountered many issues and have documented it all to help the future people be more stress-free. We hope to also aid in this aspect to give a good idea of what to expect, what is possible and why we love it so much.

The great thing about jobs these days is that so many are becoming remote. So talk to your work, see if they have a program or could get one in place. Otherwise you already likely have skills that can transfer to a remote-based job or simply learn a new skill! I am about to tackle a new skill which is programming and definitely has an anxiety element simply because of knowing the stress that will come from trying to soak up new information, but it is always worth it in the end!

In the End are we Happy?

There are ups and downs, just like a house. Whether its repairs or the idea of driving 70MPH down a highway with all your life’s possessions behind you. But everything is fixable! Whether with money or the huge resources on YouTube of people sharing their fixes. If that doesn’t do it the people you meet on the road are incredible and we’ve met so many people that are willing to drop anything they are doing to make sure you and your family/stuff is OKAY.

We don’t think we’ll ever be able to fully settle down. We may acquire land to utilize with the RV but we still have so much of North America to explore and we will be doing this for years to come and more adventure in whatever form after that.

David & Francesca 9