Erik & Kala

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Age: 37/29

Travels: Fulltime

Traveling Since: April 2015

Business Name: Axiom Technology Group/GCF Consulting


Occupation: Entrepreneur and HR Consultan

Here is Their Story

The Income

Kala works for a Human Resources and Operations consulting company. She works remotely and mainly focuses on staffing and hiring for their clients. She will occasionally travel to client sites to have management meetings or travel for work that requires hands-on tasks. We acquire most of our clients through networking.

Erik is an entrepreneur and founding partner of four successful businesses spanning the Technology, Retail/Automotive and Executive Consulting sectors. He is a trusted advisor to successful entrepreneurs looking to establish or expand their business through leading innovation.  Erik spends the bulk of his time as Managing Partner and the Chief Innovation Officer of Axiom Technology Group, an IT Integration firm with offices in Connecticut, New Jersey, California and New York. Erik works remotely but travel to his offices and to client sites is also required.

While they are not working the above jobs, Erik and Kala blog/ video blog about their adventures, and travel experiences on

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Getting on the Road

Before we started RVing Kala worked an 8-6 corporate job. Where she commuted into an office 5 days a week. She found her current consulting position that allowed her to work remotely through networking and started this position when they began traveling full time 2 years ago.

Before RVing Erik had flexibility within his position to work remotely but he would travel into the office almost daily. He was able to restructure his position to allow remote working with occasional travel to his office and client sites.

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The Fears

Our biggest fear in transitioning to a mobile lifestyle was probably worrying if we would actually pull it off. Can we still keep the same working relationships if we aren’t in the office every day? Or would we be able to stay connected while traveling? In the end we found that our work productivity and quality went up since our only focus was to get the work done, and our jobs couldn’t be happier.

The Awesome Side

Not commuting to work and the ability to work from anywhere is our favorite aspects of being a mobile worker. So much of our time was wasted on driving to and from an office every day. That time is now spent either working or doing tasks that we enjoy. Also the ability to work from anywhere, while we may have to work ‘during business hours’ we spend non-work time in places we would have never been able to see or live.


I would have to say our biggest challenge would be finding wireless or cell coverage so we can have access to the internet to work, while also traveling and exploring places we want to see. Some locations across the US don’t have internet or cell coverage (i.e. national parks, remote deserts or mountains). To overcome this careful planning and research is required. Checking cell map coverage on your carrier’s website. Calling campgrounds ahead of time to ensure they have Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi that works well. Also communication and planning with your job to take time off to visit those uncharted locations.

For the Aspiring

Research and planning is key! Research on your connectivity needs and set up. We planned for about a year before we made the switch to live and work full-time in our RV, and it helped tremendously. You don’t want to get into a situation with your job, where you won’t be able to get on the internet and work, especially if remote working is new to your organization. Also plan ahead, call campgrounds, research the areas you will be visiting. Know that you can always find a solution to your problem or reach out to groups (like Xscapers) and bloggers (like us) to help.

In the End are we Happy?

Absolutely! If you can live on the road and also make money while you’re doing it, it is truly an awesome experience. Working nomadically has given us the ability to meet so many amazing people and see so many amazing things.

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