Howard & Lauren Weliver (Nosh Bus)

Howard & Lauren Weliver (Nosh Bus) 9


Travels: Full-time

Traveling Since: August 2015

Business Name: Nosh Creative



Occupation: Graphic Designer

Here is Their Story

The Income

We started our company Nosh Creative in August of 2010. We were newly engaged and lost our jobs within months of each other due to the bad economy and decided there’s no time like the present to make a big leap and be our own boss. We decided with our overlapping backgrounds of food and beverage we should specialize in restaurant/bar branding development. Lauren mentioned the word “nosh” which means to eat/snack and Nosh Creative was born! We provide graphic design services (logo, website, menus, advertising, signage and much more) to our restaurant clients. We love what we do because it allows us to be creative and have fun!

Getting on the Road

When we started Nosh Creative we lived in Dallas, Texas and worked out of our home office. Our first big journey with the Nosh Bus was to Key West where we fell in love with the nomadic lifestyle. We landed a new client via a Skype call and it was that point in time we decided it was time to tell our clients we want to take Nosh Creative on the road full time! Being on the road has made us more creative because we are constantly seeing new and different restaurants/bars for inspiration.

Howard & Lauren Weliver (Nosh Bus) 10

The Fears

The biggest fear was telling our clients that we are going to travel full time in the Nosh Bus. We both decided if we lost some clients (which we did), that it wasn’t meant to be with those people and new ones would come along (and they did). We don’t allow fear to run our lives. It was a big leap and you just have to take what’s thrown at you and move forward!

The Awesome Side

Our favorite aspect of being a mobile worker is that you are always somewhere different. Being in one place all the time can make creativity stale, whereas this lifestyle allows constant inspiration!

Howard & Lauren Weliver (Nosh Bus) 11


The biggest challenge is connectivity. We have all the boosters in the world to help us stay connected with our clients. We also have ATT and Verizon to cover the different areas we travel to. There have only been a few times that a signal was nonexistent and we just drove into town and worked.

For the Aspiring

Do it! Everyone we meet says: “I wish I would have done it at your age”. It’s the type of thing people talk about doing but never do – we didn’t want to be those people. Life isn’t guaranteed, so what’s stopping you?!

Howard & Lauren Weliver (Nosh Bus) 9

In the End are we Happy?

Yes!!! It’s the best decision we’ve ever made. Life is beautiful and we love the nomadic lifestyle!

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