Justin Shearer

Justin Shearer 9


Travels: Full-time

Traveling Since: January 2015

Business Name: Justin Shearer

Website: Justin.Town

Occupation: Web Designer/Developer

Here is Their Story

The Income

Justin is a Web Designer/Developer. He has been working in the industry for over 15 years, and has previously contracted on the road. Due to his prolific experience, Justin has many contacts all over the country who are excited to get some of his time on their smaller projects. Everything is done online, with him being willing to travel to sites if needed (but it hasn’t been necessary, yet).

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Getting on the Road

We originally started with a 9 month transition of just living in the RV in the San Francisco Area while Justin continued to work on location at his previous company. Because Justin’s previous company declined to keep him on as a remote worker, Justin left that company and chose to start his own consulting business.

The Fears

We feared it would be difficult for Justin to find contract work and that he would still be experiencing the burn-out he was encountering while working full-time in an office. Justin networks a lot with previous contacts for picking up work. When he is starting to get fatigued with work, we travel or take days off work to tend to other tasks around the RV.

The Awesome Side

Working in all the beautiful locations across the country, being home full-time with our toddler, Molly, and helping take on some of Anne’s stay at home mom responsibilities.

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It’s easy to be distracted by all the opportunities available in every location. Goal setting every week and planning out a week’s worth of work and activities cuts down on the “fear of missing out” feeling.

For the Aspiring

Acquire good internet, and set up separate spaces and times for work can help give that live-work balance while on the road. Additionally starting off with a good cushion of savings helps ease the pressure of needing to work.

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In the End are we Happy?

We’re very happy! We very easily get the itch to travel and explore. This lifestyle has really satisfied those urges. Additionally, it’s very addicting to continue moving and exploring!

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