Kyle & Olivia (Drivin’ & Vibin’)

Kyle & Olivia (Drivin' & Vibin') 11


Travels: Full-time

Traveling Since: September 2015

Business Name: The Wooden Earth on Etsy



Occupation: Curator of Antique Maps & Prints

Here is Their Story

The Income

We “Curate the Human Experience” with antique and vintage maps, prints, and photographs. That’s a fancy way of saying “we own and operate an online store”.

Our online shop is on the Etsy platform. We have around 2000 items for sale. Our inventory is easy to store and ship, making traveling fulltime with our shop painless.

In different towns, we hunt for vintage items to sell.

In 2015 we completed around 900 transactions. Our goal for 2016 is 1500 transactions.

Getting on the Road

Before we hit the road, Kyle was a fulltime musician (playing 200+ gigs a year), and Olivia worked at a water-front restaurant.

During this time we turned our love for vintage treasure hunting into a lucrative business.

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The Fears

We planned and prepared for the transition for a year. This thoughtful process made it enjoyable with no fear tied to it. We believe adaptability is the most important skill to possess when running our own business.

The Awesome Side

Freedom to explore, learn, and treasure hunt!

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Currently, we want to see it all. We try to remember to slow down and soak in the experience.

While our vintage store is the main revenue source for us right now, it is only part of the story. Our goal is to sell the entire story and eventually earn an additional stream of revenue through that process

For the Aspiring

Be thoughtful and spend time developing goals. Be adaptable and change goals whenever a different line of inspiration strikes.

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In the End are we Happy?

Yes! It was a natural part of our goal to live freely and deliberately.

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