Rod & Tanya Clark

Rod & Tanya Clark 13

Age: 60/46

Travels: Part-time

Traveling Since: November 2015

Business Name: RDC Professional Services


Occupation: Entrepreneurs

Here is Their Story

The Income

We are fortunate in the fact that we have multiple income streams, that’s also what kept us from having “normal” jobs for many years. Our largest income stream comes from being a Wireless Internet Service Provider back in South Dakota. Serving mostly rural clients with unlimited high speed internet carried by 7 towers. This also means we own and operate our own servers providing web hosting, email hosting and cloud based services.

Over 25 years ago Rod patented a medical device, Comfort Strap Oxygen Cannula Support. We still continue to take orders and can process and ship out Comfort Straps from anywhere. In fact, if there are any marketing/sales specialists that would like to get involved in expanding the market we’d love to talk to you!!

Lastly, our passion is playing music. We’ve been performing and playing together for over 17 years. We can setup and play most anywhere for any type of crowd and would love to do more of this as we travel along. Thanks to advances in technology we can fit our entire show, instruments and LED lighting show all in our motorhome.

Rod & Tanya Clark 14

Getting on the Road

Our business was conveniently located right across the street from our home. We literally walked to work everyday. However, August 2015 we sold our home and did some remodeling in our 3200 square foot office building and added an apartment. That was a great financial move and one more step in the direction of getting on the road.

Rod & Tanya Clark 15

The Fears

Our biggest fear is that we will have some sort of major outage that our on call technician will not be able to handle and we will be forced to head back. So far, so good.

The Awesome Side

Our favorite aspect is having a new living room every where we go. Stepping out the door, looking out that big windshield and soaking in nature’s finest! We are finally running our business instead of “it” running us.

Rod & Tanya Clark 16


For us the biggest challenge has been letting go of the heavy work schedule we were used to and embrace the fact that it’s acceptable to have fun once in a while. We are really working hard at “learning to breath” and yet not feel that weight over us that a single phone call could bring it all to a halt.

For the Aspiring

First off, do your homework. We spent years of researching and planning to be able to get on the road. Be prepared to also find out that even though you knew it all, you don’t. Conditions change and we are still fine tuning things from our rig, to time management.

Rod & Tanya Clark 17

In the End are we Happy?

This is an easy question to answer, 100% YES. There is nothing like it we’ve ever done. For us, it’s go big or go home and we aren’t ready to go home!!

Rod & Tanya Clark 18