Veronica Ibanes & Denny Winkowski (RVOutlawz)

Veronica Ibanes & Denny Winkowski (RVOutlawz) 13

Age: 37/41

Travels: Full-time

Traveling Since: November 2013

Business Name: Corporate Jobs w/ BB&T &ITsavvy


Occupation: Web Design (Veronica) / Technology Sales (Denny)

Here is Their Story

The Income

We both still work our corporate jobs on the road.  Denny was already working from home while Veronica was lucky to ask if she could take hers on the road as well, 2 years later and here (or there) we are.

Veronica is a web designer for BB&T working on the main website graphics and marketing campaigns.  Denny works for ITsavvy selling a wide range of technology products and services to the various clients that he manages. 

Veronica Ibanes & Denny Winkowski (RVOutlawz) 14

Getting on the Road

It took us about 6 months of researching the proper RV fit for us and tying up loose ends from our previous domicile in Raleigh, NC.  We rented out our townhome, stored a few sentimental boxes at Veronicas’ brother house then loaded up the RV and headed south to Key Largo, FL for our first winter season.

Veronica Ibanes & Denny Winkowski (RVOutlawz) 15

The Fears

Making sure we always have an Internet connection as both of our jobs rely heavily on being connected.  4G has been more than a sufficient source of staying connected with some extra boosters to further assist in making sure we are always connected in more remote places.  Another fear was being as productive as we were back in the office. We feel that we have to overachieve to show our value and not just having fun all the time. Work & play hard.

The Awesome Side

Of course the endless changing landscapes that we would never visit if we weren’t doing this and staying somewhere long enough to feel like a local with the flexibility to change direction on a whim.  Having the opportunity to spend more quality time with family and the ability to meet up with new friends who are also taking the road less traveled.  We both also have dual sport motorcycles, so finding new trails or a ghost town that is right in our path.

Veronica Ibanes & Denny Winkowski (RVOutlawz) 16


Keeping the work life balance is tricky at times.

We keep our Eastern Time zone schedule regardless of where our travels take us, so eating lunch at 9:30am can be interesting. Staying fit and eating well is another challenge. We try to eat healthy, no fast food, little soda, and clean eating as possible.  We even started a group on Facebook as well called “RV Healthy Eating”. It keeps us more accountable and inspired from others.

For the Aspiring

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped” (Tony Robbins)

I suggest “YOU” pick a target date that makes sense and strive to make that happen. Once a firm date is set it will start to take a life of its own with checklists and deadlines to follow. You owe it to yourself and you can do it!

Veronica Ibanes & Denny Winkowski (RVOutlawz) 17

In the End are we Happy?

Absolutely! Making this decision has forever changed us. Who knows what the next phase will bring but life is precious and worth every moment. We had a good love before, but now we are an unstoppable force…. Seriously do not get in our way! Happy Travels!

Veronica Ibanes & Denny Winkowski (RVOutlawz) 18
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