Xscapers Profiles: Deas & Jen

Xscapers Profiles: Deas & Jen 11

Who is Traveling With You?

Me, my husband Deas, and our dogs Jake and Finn.

Xscapers Profiles: Deas & Jen 12

How Long Have You Been On The Road?

Since 2013, 8 years.

Are You Part Time or Full Time?

We were full-time 2013-2018. Now we are part-time and home based in Asheville, NC.

What Kind of RV Do You Have?

Currently we have a 2020 Winnebago Travato 59Kl. As full-timers, we had a 2010 Tiffin Allegro RED 34QFA.

What Got You Interested In Living The RV Life?

After college, a friend invited me to go on a cross­country road trip with her to help her move to Seattle. I wasn’t able to go because I didn’t have the money, and wasn’t sure how I would get back home.

But that planted the seed and ever since then, I had always wanted to drive across the country. In 2011 left my full-time job after 11 years of being in sales, and my husband and I moved to FL, and bought two rental properties. In 2013, my brother was getting married in Portland OR, so suddenly I had the opportunity to drive across the country again. We thought it would be a 6-month to a 1-year adventure, but after that first experience, we just kept going.

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How Do You Fund Your Travels?

At first, through the rental property income, but we sold those properties after a few years. My husband is retired and I work part-time, for the Mobile Internet Resource Center and Escapees. :}

What is Your Camping Style?

Definitely a mix. We love to boondock, but being east-coast based we don’t have that many opportunities. We do utilize Harvest Hosts quite a bit and have done lots of driveway camping with friends also. If we do go to a campground, we prefer public parks. The van is small, so we tend to only stay some place a few nights before we’re ready to move on.

What Do You Seek Out When Traveling?

We started a tradition of sorts when we were full-timing that we would always go to a local brewery our first night in a new location. It was a great way to chat up a local and get some recommendations. And also ….. beer.

Now, it varies. Sometimes we’re in search of good hiking, sometimes we’re visiting friends or family, and sometimes we just pick a new city we’ve never been to.

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What Has Been Your Favorite Experience So Far?

Boondocking for 21 days straight in Stanley Idaho in 2018 for the eclipse, with about 15 other RVs of friends. We had our own little temporary commune of sorts, and it was so much fun. And of course, seeing the eclipse was unique and amazing.

What Has Been The Hardest Aspect For You While Traveling?

The day we realized our tow car was not properly attached and it was fishtailing wildly on a two-lane road in Oregon with no shoulder or pull-outs. We had to just stop in the middle of the road and unhook, with cars zooming past and honking at us. Then, minutes later, just when we were back on our way and thought we had averted disaster, our 75-pound German Shepherd had explosive diarrhea in the RV – on the same road with no option to pull over quickly!

How Many Xscapers Convergences Have You Attended?

Zero! I need to remedy that!

Are You Introverted or Extroverted?

Raging extrovert. Please talk to me. 

Tell Us Something Weird or Fun About Yourselves.

I was a tour guide at Graceland in college. My friend and I went to the interview as joke thinking it would be funny to tell our friends that we interviewed. But the joke was on us when they hired us!

Would You Rather Deal With A Leaky Sewer Hose or a Flat Tire on the RV?

Flat tire, as long as we’re not driving when it happens!

Do You Have Any Advice For Others / What is the Best Piece of Advice You've Received?

If you have a large dog that suddenly starts acting funny while you’re driving, don’t ignore her. (See worse experience so far above!) 😉 

Where Can People Find You Online If They Want To Follow Your Travels?

My Instagram is @jen_nealy.

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