10 Favorite Apps for RVers

10 Favorite Apps for RVers 1
We’ve come a long way since the days of paper maps and printed campground directories. Today, we have countless travel-related apps to assist in everything from finding a campground to identifying the constellations in the sky.

I’ve been traveling full-time in an RV since 2012 and my user experience with apps has evolved from basic tasks such as navigation and weather to finding the best price on gas, saving money at the grocery store, and locating a scenic place to call home. Below are the top 10 apps that I use the most for RVing.

Campendium (Free)

Need to find a campground, boondocking spot, or dump station? Campendium has you covered. Need to find a campground with cell service, a boondocking spot large enough for your 40’ fiver, or a dump station with potable water? Campendium also has you covered. What about a campground with 5-star reviews, solid cell service, and a playground for the kids that is within a two-hour drive? You guessed it, Campendium is on it.

In short, this is a campground finding app plus so much more. With a huge data base of campgrounds and boondocking spots plus thousands of photos and user reviews, this is truly a one-stop app for locating campsites.

At this time, the Campendium app is only available through the iTunes store for Apple users. However, the website is extremely mobile-friendly and easy to use on both phones and tablets. Android users can gain easy access to Campendium by simply adding a website shortcut in the form of a custom widget to their home screen.

Allstays ($9.99)

Another campground finding app that offers tons of extra features. In addition to campgrounds, the Allstays app includes stores with overnight parking such as Walmart and Cracker Barrel, truck stops, rest areas, casinos, propane filling, and even some RV related businesses.

Perhaps the most helpful feature of this app is the “update” section where users can submit current information such as, “This Walmart no longer allows overnight parking,” or “This Cabelas only has 3 RV spots.” When you’re on the road and in search of a quick place to park for the night, these updates are very helpful.

The Allstays app is only available in the iTunes store for Apple users at this time. Fortunately, the website is mobile friendly and simple to navigate on an Android phone or tablet.

Google Maps (Free)

While most often thought of as a navigation app, Google Maps is also great for finding things to do and places to go. Simply open the app and click on one of the buttons at the top marked, “Groceries, Gas, Restaurants, Pharmacies.” The map will populate with location markers showing all the options for each category. Click for more information including hours, photos, and user reviews. Additionally, you can type options into the search bar such as laundromats or RV storage.

Gas Buddy (Free)

If you’ve ever filled your tank with gas only to drive past a station 5-miles down the road where the price is $.20 cheaper, you need the Gas Buddy app. This app displays a map of gas stations in your area with user updated gas prices. You can filter by type of fuel and station brand. This app works in both the US and Canada.

Dark Sky ($3.99)

Dark Sky is hands down the best weather app I have ever used. The forecast predicts precipitation down to the minute and is nearly always accurate. The weather radar is clear and concise with animations showing the path of a storm both in the past and future. Additionally, the notification system gives up-to-the-minute alerts about incoming weather and offers the ability to customize your notifications for factors such as high wind.

Audible (Starts at $7.95/month)

Offering access to a large and ever-expanding library of audiobooks and podcasts, Audible is a useful app for staying entertained whether you’re driving down the road or lounging at your campsite.

Audible offers several subscription plans starting at $7.95/month. The recent addition of a FREE Audible Plus catalog of books and podcasts included with your subscription adds even more value. Audible books are available to download for offline listening, which can be a lifesaver for those long travel days through remote areas. New members get a 30-day free trial so start listening today!

State Lines ($4.99)

Keeping track of individual state laws is complicated, time consuming, and a necessary part of RV travel. Fortunately, the State Line app does it all for you. From speed limits to liquor laws to right turn on red regulations and questions about sales tax, this app lists it all. Frequently updated to reflect the most up-to-date laws, this app is a must-have for all frequent travelers.

AllTrails (Free)

Ahhh…nature. There’s nothing like hitting the trail while visiting a new place. Except if that trail turns out to be too long, too hard, too boring, or simply too difficult to find. That’s where the AllTrails app comes in.

AllTrails uses your location to compile a map or list of all the hiking trails near you. With crucial information such as trail length, vertical gain, difficultly rating, and user reviews, this app takes the guess work out of enjoying nature. AllTrails also allows users to download trail maps for offline use.

Key Ring (Free)

Nearly every store has its own loyalty reward program these days. With perks like digital coupons, extra discounts, and gas rewards, these cards are a great way to save money. However, no one wants to lug 10 different store loyalty cards around in their wallet. Key Ring is the solution. Simply download the app and add your loyalty cards using the barcode scanner. Key Ring offers access to all your loyalty cards in one easy to use app. Additional features include access to store sale flyers and digital coupons, the ability to create shopping lists, and a handy store locator.

SkyView (Free)

RVing is a great way to visit remote places where the night sky sparkles with wonder and delight. The SkyView app turns sky gazing into an educational and enlightening experience. Simply point your phone or tablet at the sky and let it identify celestial objects in the sky – day or night.

While this is by no means a complete list of apps for RVing, it covers the basics from trip planning to entertainment and provides a great place to start if you are new to RVing, or simply looking for ways to enhance your travel with technology. Be sure to comment below with any recommendations for travel apps that you use and love!

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Amanda Watson SKP# 123749

Amanda and her husband, Tim, have been living, traveling, and adventuring from a renovated 1998 Airstream since 2012. As life-long outdoor enthusiasts, their full-time RV lifestyle fosters their love of hiking, biking & kayaking, while allowing them to explore new places. You can read more about their adventures at: www.watsonswander.com

3 Responses to “10 Favorite Apps for RVers

  • I tried uploading Dark Sky. I discovered that it’s no longer available for Android phone since August 2020. Apple purchased this app.

  • Amanda Watson
    Peter a Letourneau
    7 months ago

    Great suggestions! I have also found a wonderful free trail app, somewhat similar to All Trails. It is from REI and it is called the Hiking Project. In addition to thousands of trails which can track you as you hike, it also has elevation profiles, descriptions of the trails and integrates with Google maps to get you to the trailhead. As with most things Rei – its a great outdoor tool.

  • Dark sky was ok, but is I so only now the original storm app was better but is now gone.
    Stelliarum astronomy app at least has a red night view and more options.

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