Finding Great Boondocking Spots 1

Finding Great Boondocking Spots

My name is Marshall, and I have a “problem.” I’m a serial boondocker. I spend the vast majority of my...

Best Motorhome-Friendly Scenic Routes: West Coast 11

Best Motorhome-Friendly Scenic Routes: West Coast

Wherever you go, there you are! As full time RVers, we live by the motto “home is where you park...

RV Jargon: Common RV Lingo Decoded 15

RV Jargon: Common RV Lingo Decoded

RV lingo can seem like a foreign language to those who aren’t familiar with the lifestyle. Did you just buy...

Xscapers' Top 10 Favorite Helpful Apps for RVers 19

Xscapers’ Top 10 Favorite Helpful Apps for RVers

We’ve come a long way since the days of paper maps and printed campground directories. Today, we have countless travel-related apps to assist in everything from finding a campground to identifying the constellations in the sky. Here are 10 I find most helpful.

Frozen Dead Man Days is just one of many fun things RVers can do in cities across North America.

Fun Things RVers Can Do In Any City

Trying to find interesting, fun, offbeat things to do in most any city or area? Let’s face it, as Xscapers...

Monticello House tour free adventures

3 Key Tips for Finding Free Adventures

This article originally appeared in the January/February 2020 issue of Escapees magazine. RV Travel allows you to see and do...

Fremont Street Las Vegas, great for party RVers

Top 4 Cities for Party RVers- Urban Adventures for RVers

Boondocking is amazing. I love the desert sunsets and finding great places to listen to nature and hike and explore. ...

Boondocking in Nevada

Winter Boondocking Tips for RVers- Staying Warm & Comfortable While RVing

Winter Boondocking Boondocking. That very word either strikes fear into the uninitiated RVer or elicits a look of confusion from...

Unexpected Space Hogs in Your RV 29

Unexpected Space Hogs in Your RV

Whether you have a 45-foot motor home or a tiny, tow-behind trailer, one thing all RVers have in common is a finite amount of space for our stuff. This article highlights nine of the biggest RV space hogs – and some possible solutions.

woman standing on snowboard on side of snowy mountain

RVing with Winter Sports Gear

When you’re a full time RVer, you have to be selective when choosing what to pack into your tiny home-on-wheels. We all know the struggle of picking through cherished belongings, deciding what to take and what to toss, and getting creative with our storage options. For winter sports in particular, like skiing and snowboarding, the gear is known to be bulky, awkward, and heavy. Here's how RVer make it work.

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