How To Make Money Online and Travel While Living In an RV

How To Make Money Online and Travel While Living In an RV 1

Do you dream of a life full of travel where your morning commute is nothing more than rolling out of bed and opening your laptop?

Have you seen the recent rise of remote workers in the US as well as around the world, who boast the flexibility to work from anywhere?

Location independence and remote jobs could be the answers to your question.

Before we dive into the specifics of what kinds of remote careers and job opportunities are available, let’s first take a moment to become familiar with the two terms.

Location Independence & Remote Work

How To Make Money Online and Travel While Living In an RV 2

Location independence is all about the freedom of not being tied to a specific geographic location. It gives you the ability to find your perfect work life balance and make working work for you on your terms.

I define remote work as any career, business or job opportunity that allows you to work outside of the typical office environment. It allows you to work from home, or your home on wheels in our case, without commuting into an office to complete projects, daily assignments, tasks or meetings.

Depending on whether you’re working for someone else or for yourself, you may even have the added flexibility to design your day and work whenever you see fit.

By pairing the two together, digital nomads and full-time RVers find their perfect place for working as they travel.

If you’re looking for ways RVers can make money online with remote jobs, careers and businesses-check out my recommendations below for ways RVers can work remotely when and where they please.

5 Ways to Work Online While You Travel

How To Make Money Online and Travel While Living In an RV 3


The gateway into entrepreneurship and small business, freelancing can provide the freedom to work when and where you want without being tied to one location or an employer. Whether photography, editing, writing, graphic design or web design- there are many ways to make money by freelancing your best skills.

To get started you can reach out to friends, family, fellow RVers as well as check out online job boards. However you decide is the best route, freelancing can jump start your career, help you transition form employee to entrepreneur and build up a strong portfolio to help in securing more jobs later down the road.


There are many people enjoying the RV lifestyle by way of creating a blog and monetizing it. From a few extra dollars a month to creating large passive income streams of up to six figures and well beyond, blogging allows ordinary citizens to choose a niche and dominate.

Starting a blog is pretty simple and requires nothing more than a free domain name on sites like WordPress to get started, but once you get going you’ll soon realize they require consistent injections of fresh new content that readers find both relevant and share-worthy.

And while starting a blog can be quick and easy, growing one to the depth where it will sustain your travels takes time and dedication.


Ever wonder what copywriting is? Or how people seem to make money doing it? Well you’re not alone if you have.

Copywriting is basically the art of creating content (copy). You can do it many different ways, for many different reasons, but the main idea remains the same- you are creating the words companies and business people use to talk about and sell their products and services.

Without the need for formal education, this is a career choice and business opportunity many have found provides them with the income and freedom they need to travel as often as they please.

I recently spoke with Tina Lorenz, who makes over 6 figures in her copywriting business. She was very open in stating that as long as you can write like you speak, learn the basic pieces of copy, that you can be successful.

Digital Products

Are you a creator? Can you see yourself creating digital products to fund your adventure?

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, this could be your ticket to travel. Creating digital products like ebooks, magazines, online courses, private podcasts, and membership sites are all great ways of generating income online.

The best part about digital products is the ability to create the product one time and sell it to many people over and over again. It allows you to create income streams that are mostly passive and don’t require you to create an individual item for each new customer.

Virtual Assistant

Last, but certainly not least, is the role of being a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are currently  in high demand for the ease and simplicity of delegating everyday tasks- administrative tasks, design work and mundane tasks- to someone who specializes in it.

You can start your own virtual assistant business and take clients based on the job, tasks or terms or you can contract your work through a virtual assistant agency and have them provide you with the jobs you’ll need to complete.

Kayla Sloan and Bryanna Royal both have amazing virtual assistant businesses that teach others how to follow in their footsteps and put the pieces in to play to establish themselves and start taking clients. Both of these ladies will be speaking on the Make Money and RV Virtual Summit this week!

Make Money and RV

How To Make Money Online and Travel While Living In an RV 4

Now that we’ve covered 5 ways RVers can make money online and be location independent, I’d like to invite you to think further on the ways you can make money and RV!

What skills do you have that can be used or translated into a remote career of small business? Take the next step to get on the road by making a list of your skills and all the ideas you can think of that you could transform into remote income.

With this information at your fingertips, the only thing left for you to do is put something into motion and get started.

How To Make Money Online and Travel While Living In an RV 5


Sharee Collier

Sharee Collier is the founder of www.LiveCampWork.coman online website delivering information and resources on jobs for RVers and making money while you travel. She’s the author of the best-selling book, Live Camp Work: Make Money & RV Full-time, the host of the Live Camp Work Podcast, and a full-time RV traveler with her husband and 4 kids.

Sharee is also hosting an online event called the Make Money and RV Virtual Summit. It’s a 5-day virtual conference all about different ways you can make some cash on the go, happening Aug. 5-9th. Grab your free ticket at

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3 Responses to “How To Make Money Online and Travel While Living In an RV

  • I am an LPN with 49 years of experience. I currently work as a hospice nurse. I dont know how I could do anything on line any suggestions?

    • Hi Sandy!
      We have a whole section of our website dedicated to that very thing 🙂 Take a look at the ideas on and maybe you’ll find something that sounds interesting! You can also browse the Mobile Income tab of our menu for information on finances, income, taxes, etc.

  • Sharee Collier
    Bloggin Brandi
    4 years ago

    So would you just list your freelance service online on a site like Fiverr and wait for the business to roll in? Or is there a method you would recommend for getting gigs on sites like this. Should you buy your own gig to help give yourself some reviews and traction? how do you get people to hire you?

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