TV & Movie Viewing Options for RVers

TV & Movie Viewing Options for RVers 3While we do enjoy getting out exploring our new locales, hiking in nature, visiting with friends – this RVing lifestyle for us, is about balance. There’s no shame in enjoying watching television or a good flick. This is life on the road, not a vacation. We are RVing, not just camping and spending all our evenings roasting marshmallows over a campfire. There will be bad weather days, or days you’re not feeling well, or just days you’re overwhelmed exploring yet another location (yes, it happens.). Unwinding after a day of work, exploring and socializing in front of the tube isn’t a crime. Heck, we enjoy a well-put-together film – it’s art! Getting our entertainment itch scratched however isn’t always as easy as plugging into cable TV, or streaming some Netflix with wild abandon. So it’s no wonder that one of the common questions we get about RVing and technology is around

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