Awesome Campsites – Tips for Selecting the BEST Site!

Awesome Campsites – Tips for Selecting the BEST Site! 3The right site in a campground can be the difference between a crappy experience and an awesome one. What makes a site great for you, will likely differ than what makes a site great for us. We personally love sites with great views and maximum privacy – we prefer to see a field, trees or water out our window, instead of neighboring RVs. We like to step out of our RV into our own defined space and not feel like we’re stepping out on a stage. But perhaps you like being close to the bathhouse for access to long showers, or you enjoy having your porch open up to the campground to maximize social opportunities. Some people prefer concrete pads to reduce what they track into their RV, and some prefer gravel so they can stake down their awning. Some folks like the shade of trees to help keep temps

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