Staying On Task when Working For Yourself

Staying On Task when Working For Yourself 3So you’ve done it. You’ve transitioned to location independent work that can be done from anywhere, and are making decent money from it. No more looking for seasonal jobs that are RVer friendly, this is the happily-ever-after you were searching for when it came to full-timing: absolute freedom to go where you want, when you want.

But wait, it’s not quite that easy. Now it’s imperative that you have a good internet connection. Taxes are about to change and potentially get more complicated. And there’s another problem too, something most travelers don’t think about until they’re confronted with it.

With all these wonderful new places you’re now free to explore, how do you find the willpower to get any work done? Or maybe you’re the opposite: Now that you’re 100% in charge of your own income and can’t rely on a steady paycheck for just showing up, how do you break away from work long enough to enjoy the location you’re staying at?

Those who don’t work remotely might laugh at such problems (“Simple, just make yourself work!/Make yourself take a break!”), but for the self-employed, the struggle is real.

You’re probably going to gag at the answer I give you, but I swear this is the best solution I’ve found and I’ve talked to other digital nomads who feel the same.

Make a schedule.

Ew, right? Who wants to live by a schedule, didn’t we go RVing to escape that nonsense? But hear me out, there’s a big difference between a work schedule devised by someone else and one you make yourself.

You get to decide how much time to work each day and when your days off are, and you’re free to change these numbers as circumstances dictate. It doesn’t need to be the set in stone, soul sucking kind of schedule that your whole world revolved around in your old life.

And I’m telling you from experience, it’s so easier to perform consistently with some sort of structure to the day.

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