Xscapers Profiles – Bernal and Kathy

Xscapers Profiles - Bernal and Kathy 1

Who is Traveling With You?

We have one dog, Atlas, who travels with us. He’s a two-year-old Great Pyrenees / Anatolian Shepard mix who weighs 100 lbs.

Xscapers Profiles - Bernal and Kathy 2

How Long Have You Been On The Road?

We’ll have been on the road for two years in November and have lived full time in the motorhome for two and a half years.

Are You Part Time or Full Time?

We’re full-time having sold our sticks and bricks home in early 2018.

What Kind of RV Do You Have?

We have a 2006 Alfa See Ya. We chose it because of the high ceilings and lots of very large windows. Before moving in we renovated the interior. 

Xscapers Profiles - Bernal and Kathy 3

What Got You Interested In Living The RV Life?

Our two daughters went off to college and left us with an empty nest. We explored a number of downsizing options and then discovered full-time RV life through YouTube. 

How Do You Fund Your Travels?

I (Bernal) still work full time for the same company that I have worked at for the past eight years as a software architect. Kathy is a retired elementary school nurse. Kathy is also slowly trying to start a business called Meeplewerks selling specialty bags for gaming on Etsy and Facebook. 

What is Your Camping Style?

We seek out boondocking opportunities first and use RV parks to get closer to destinations when needed. Our preference it to stay one to two weeks but we will do a night or two at a time when heading to a destination. We do longer drives on weekends and short drives after work during the week.

What Do You Seek Out When Traveling?

Friends and family, Xscapers convergences, national parks and off or back country roading in our bright green Jeep. Becoming a part of the Xscapers community has been a life changer for us. We set out thinking we’d just do our own thing and go see all the national parks. Now the goal is to see national parks between convergences and to meet up with Xscaper friends while doing it. 

Xscapers Profiles - Bernal and Kathy 4

What Has Been Your Favorite Experience So Far?

Playing board games all across the country and making many new friends and creating new gamers along the way. 

What Has Been The Hardest Aspect For You While Traveling?

Not being able to see our old friends regularly. Kathy keeping quiet while I’m on conference calls for work. And avoiding accumulating stuff. 

How Many Xscapers Convergences Have You Attended?

We’ve been to ten convergences starting with the Annual Bash in 2018. 

Are You Introverted or Extroverted?

Kathy is an extrovert who needs downtime. I (Bernal) am an introvert but I made a decision before our first convergence to work on overcoming my social insecurities. We advertised our interest in hosting gaming nights then I spent every activity telling myself to just walk up and say hi to people. That worked and now we’re known by many as the board gamers and my circle of friends is much larger than I would ever have imagined. 

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Tell Us Something Weird or Fun About Yourselves.

Continuing on the board gaming topic, that is something Kathy and I enjoy a lot. We carry over 60 games in our RV. We really enjoy introducing people to board games and then getting them addicted to it.

And, Kathy has purple hair. 

Would You Rather Deal With A Leaky Sewer Hose or a Flat Tire on the RV?

A leaky sewer hose is much easier to deal with and causes less damage. In fact, I just replaced our leaky sewer hose yesterday. Duct tape was my temporary solution and worked just fine. 

Do You Have Any Advice For Others / What is the Best Piece of Advice You've Received?

From Bernal: Pillage first, then burn.

From Kathy: Search for a way to do what you want rather than dwell on why you can’t. 

Where Can People Find You Online If They Want To Follow Your Travels?

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  • Loved this, and enjoyed the question/answer. I’ve know Bernal and Kathy a long time, and they are great, amazing people! As are all the Xscapers!! 🙂

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